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Western Cape

07 Jun 2016

Claudine Sawyer

My husband and I have had some troubled waters come our way, for the past +-7 years. We have sacrificed ourselves for the happiness of others. We felt that because life handed us some turmoil, we deserved everything bad that happened to us, and not once gave a thought of our own. Whilst we were trying to recoup our lives, we endured more failures but we kept on surviving as they say. The gist of the situation is that we were always unsuccessful, because we never met a certain criteria with certain banks, which I feel did not really take the time and effort to help us in the first place. On 24 May 2016, I recalled a gentlemen with whom I dealt with about a year ago, with the passing of my beloved Nicky and I distinctly remember his thoughtfulness and caring way he helped me with her affairs. I decided to email him, just out of chance and asked if hed be able to help my husband and I fulfill our dream of owning our own house. Then came his response, with a positive attitude (just like I knew him) and in a pleasant way Mrs. Sawyer, please send me your documentation. I was ecstatic and wowed that someone was really going to look into helping us. We sent all the necessary paperwork off to him. I was biting my nails and felt so anxious; I said to myself and husband, if it is in Gods will for us, then so it shall be. On Friday we received an email with the subject heading CONGRATULATIONS! Can you believe it, I said to myself.

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