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27 Oct 2011

Cleopatra Maseko

When I first applied for the home loan I didn't know that my husband was listed with ITC. One of the estate agents advised us that there is an Institution called SA Home Loans and it is the best. Indeed it was the best and still is because what I liked the most about them is that they gave us a second chance to rectify our records after they noticed we were listed with ITC. They contacted us and requested a proof of payment from us (to prove that we did pay the debt that reflected at ITC).We did provide them with it and afterwards they were still patient with us to let us gather all necessary documentation so that we may qualify for the loan. After all the running around it was finally cleared and the loan was approved. SA Home Loans constantly kept in touch with us and informed us about the progress of the application and today I am one of the proudest owners and this was all made possible by SA Home Loans. SA Home Loans saw the potential buyers in us when all the banks declined our applications. They are the best because instead of them judging us they tried their best to help us fix the problem. I truly thank them because I have a home today because of them. I even refer my friends to them.

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