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31 Oct 2011

Corne Cronje

Wow, just another great opportunity from SA Home Loans to tell your story and maybe stand a chance to win something. In my case another sad story of getting divorced, find a home for my child and dogs etc. Well, the seller actually introduced me to them. I felt lost, sorry for myself, and very uncertain what to expect. What an eye opener and all happened so fast. I found low interest rates, excellent service, quick responses, easy access to additional funds so what more can I say. SA Home Loans is the BEST. Never fear when SA Home Loans is near. If you were able to earn points for all the times I referred people the past 9 years to them, my home loan would have been paid off. I have peace of mind with them and no sudden surprises of high interest rates etc. There is light in the tunnel when buying a home. SA Home Loans really cares about their customers and this kind of service these days is very scarce. Thank you SA Home Loans for giving me the opportunity to afford my own little castle. I will stay with you until debt do us part.

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