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Western Cape

14 Dec 2015

Dale Fourie

Our First Home. After renting for 2 years together we had saved a small deposit, and we were ready to become home owners! That was the plan; until the banks dashed our dreamsone by one. Despite requiring a monthly bond lower than what we had been paying for rent, they judged the numbers, not the individuals. Having made contact with SA Home Loans a few months prior, we made a last ditch attempt, with the Offer to Purchase almost done. Time was against us, and any normal company would have declined to assist or pretended there was nothing they could do. NOT SAHL and Mr Shaun Pillay! From the first chat we knew he was special, and he delivered in every way possible! Our bond was approved. He was based in Durban, and I visited the Cape Town branch on an occasion, and I got the true sense of teamwork where they assisted me despite being Shauns client. It was a breath of fresh air, and Shaun Pillay and SAHL single handedly made our dream a reality... Not a week goes by where the company doesnt cross my mind! I will never apply anywhere else. Why continue the search when you have found perfection?!

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