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25 Oct 2011

Darryl Price

What would have been!! After ages of going in and out of every house on sale in Johannesburg within our price range, and after having to be dragged through so many unsuitable houses - we finally found the house of our DREAMS. Step one was done, and now all we had to do to fulfil our dreams was take care of that pesky financing thing...... Wrong! After being turned down by every major bank for owning too many properties - we though our dreams were crushed! As a last resort we applied at SA Home Loans (a much easier process) and received the news in a week later that we had a bond and would not lose the house of our dreams! We have been in for 3 months now and are loving the new house. We learned our lesson though - if you want great service, quickly, with less hassles - go to SA Home Loans first!

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