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17 Nov 2011

David Leonard Toweel

At the age of 58 I met the most wonderful women who had three children, whos husband was murdered in 2008. She had become my wife and best friend, yet we knew each other 25 yrs, and only got together now but feel like we have been together for years. I decided at my age that it was time to buy a house for my new family as I made a promise that I would take the best care of them. We started looking around and we fell in love with a few places. Because I am self employed over 36 yrs already the banks just kept turning us down, our dreams were shattered. I as a man, felt hopeless, I could not get any banks to give us a loan. Well my wife, a go getter would not give up. We then got into contact with SA Home Loans, who were prepared to see what they could do for us. Well a bit of light at least; then turned down some of the houses we looked at ,we then asked what the problem was and they told us the houses were not worth the price they were asking, this was turned down several times. We almost gave up, thought we will have to rent for the rest of our lives, then a house come up and they finally approved it. We had to get a bigger deposit as we could not get a 100% loan but were grateful for getting a loan. We are now in our new home and loving it, it is ours. No asking can we break out a wall or can we repaint, we can do just what we want to. So all out there, never give up.

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