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27 Jan 2012

De Villiers Botes

Hi SA Home Loans, Nowhere under the search by word category on your website do I see the following words: incompetents; disgraceful service; slow; bad experience; Unimpressive; Not listening and not Understanding; No communication what so ever; Dreams smashedoh no wait, my dreams are not smashed because luckily SA Homeloans are not the only institution on the market that offers mortgage finance. On 1 December 2011 I received an AIP from SA Homeloans. My loan number is 2971622 and my allocated consultant was Ashley Ganesan. On 8 December 2011 I received an email from him asking me to confirm the institute my accountant is registered with. Then after having to ask Ashley twice for an update, he informed me on 12 December 2011 the file has been instructed for valuation. And that was the end of it. That was the last time I ever received communication from SA Homeloans. What an exceptionally waist of my time! What an unpleasant ordeal to go through all the motions of applying only to have no outcome. Not even a letter that confirms that the application has been declined. Nothing. I even begged for feedback. You hear that? Begged. The flip side of the coin is, at least when I realized SA Homeloans has gone pear-shaped, I acted on it. FNB wrapped up the deal hassle free. Thanks to them, my wife and I are moving into our new home end of Feb.

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