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Western Cape

03 Sep 2013

Debbie Walsh

I divorced in 1998 and was able to buy a very small house in a dodgy neighbourhood. I had a full bond through my bank. Then disaster after disaster struck; car stolen, sour relationship where I had given up my job in order to move to Johannesburg and so on and so on!!! Finally, a year later, I was working in my dream job and I am still working there. I sold the house at a loss to move closer to my place of work but was never able to own my own nest again. I was burgled on many occasions during the ten years of renting. I dreamed of owning my own home in a safe and secure open estate...nothing better than nesting and knowing its yours! I started visualising. I went to SA Home Loans and got their brochure. I went onto the internet and downloaded details for the estate I wanted to live in...Simbithi! My family and friends laughed at me and said I could never afford Simbithi but I never gave up! I went onto Private Property eighteen months ago and there I saw my one bedroom loft in Simbithi; but it was way more than I could afford! I downloaded the video of the loft and watched it every morning when I started my computer. I decorated and lived in it, in my mind... It took one year for that loft to finally be reduced in price. I prayed and said God if its meant to be let it happen! I offered a ridiculous offer and she accepted. Now for the bond approval!

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