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Eastern Cape

08 Aug 2013

Debora Simpson

I am absolutely taken back to the fact that a good track record does not count anymore! My husband has been self-employed for 8yrs. His private and business bank account as well as our bond account have an excellent record. I recently applied for a further advance of R 100 000.00 and was told they need lastest financials (2013) , as well as an IT34, and letter from an accountant stating his income because he was self-employed ( for 8yrs already) . It cost me R12000.00 for 2013 financials and all other documents to be drawn and submitted. Now i get a phone call today...saying they will not consider it....cause they want 2 years financials or an accountants forecast for the future....WTF??? Must i spend another R12000.00...for almost 2yrs ago (2012 financials? Surely not!!! After all that....i owe R146 000.00 on my house.....and an assessor came to value it at R949 000.00 of which i have an "access bond" of R349 000.00....!!! We dont have a bad record and never had bad debt! I am not a happy customer and intend to take this further! I am sure there will be another bank happy to take over my bond !

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