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Western Cape

18 Oct 2011

Desiree Albertyn

Right where do I start? Mm the beginning. As first time home buyers we opted to go with the bank that would give us the best deal, well so we thought. It so happened that the deal went through and in April 2003 we moved into our home. In August of the same year the bank called me early one morning to say that they were going to repo my house as I did not pay the bond. What a shocker as my salary advice clearly stated that it was paid by stop order. This bank did not want to hear another word. We went to and fro from bank to the department of education salary dept. to find out what went wrong. No sympathy from the bank. Eventually they "found the money but our name as first time buyers went down the drain, still no sympathy from the bank. We were very unhappy about the way the bank dealt with us and we then moved to the bank we banked with, no joy either until we decided to go with our initial first choice SAHL. Within one day we got a response, days after got it so sorted, its unbelievable. Ever since when we have needed to extra cash for renovations just one call and two days later we would have an approval. Just want to say that we are very happy with SAHL. Their speedy responses have made things so much easier for me and my family. Thank you

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