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11 Nov 2011

Dominique Le Grange

Hello all. My husband and I decided to buy our first home, what a nightmare.......We saw a house that we really liked and decided to apply for a home loan via all the banks(Absa, Nedbank etc) but one decline after the other- stating that our credit score is very low and we should first up our credit score by getting things like a credit card or clothing accounts. What!!!!!!!! This was my reaction, so we decided to apply for a home loan via SA Home Loans. I phoned and a wonderful (angel) Vania Patricio answered, well to make a very long story short- we got our house and our wonderful angel (Vania) was with us every step of the way. So you want my advice, dont let any bank step on your dreams- SA HOME LOANS can make dreams come true!!!!! so here is to you SA HOME LOANS !!!!!!! Lots of love. LE GRANGE FAMILY.

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