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07 Feb 2016

Dominique Savio Njiengoue

To start, I would like to advise any home buyer to first consider SA Home Loans; even before your bank. The quality of service that I received from SAHL was 110%. In fact after getting the offer of purchase, the estate agent selling the house referred me to one of SAs reputable bond originator. After a week my application was declined from all of SAs major banks including my own bank. This left me frustrated and disappointed after many years of savings for a deposit and building a good credit profile. Two days later I decided to contact SA Home Loans (Fourways Branch), a consultant named Christopher Carey assisted me. He emailed me the list of all required documents after which I sent everything to him and within 24 hours, I received an Approval in Principal. Everything went smoothly and at some times it was like Chris was only working for me. I was updated during the whole process as a first time buyer; I was always informed about what would happen next during the process and how long each step could take. On the 29th of January my house was registered and I am now a Home Owner all because of SAHL and the cherry on the cake was a very low interest rate compared to the banks. A big thank you to the SA Home Loans fami0ly and a special thank you to Christopher Carey from Fourways Branch. I will make sure I refer any potential Home Buyer to SA Home Loans. If I have an opportunity, I will advise banks to approach SAHL to get some tips regarding customer care.

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