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26 Oct 2011

Donovan Symes

My wife and I were living in a 3 bedroom Duplex in Corlett Gardens. Our neighbor was a neighbor from hell, so we needed to move to a more secluded property. After months of looking, we found a place in Edenvale. On applying for finance with every bank, we were declined on the basis that we owned our own business which could not produce adequate financials for the past 3 years of trading. We tried Better Bond and were declined again. Our dream was slipping away, and i said to my wife, lets tries SA Home Loans. After much negotiation, ups and downs, and having to increase our deposit, SA Home Loans finally agreed to secure our bond and we were able to purchase our dream home! Now almost 2 years down the line, we would be glad to recommend SA Home Loans to anyone wanting to buy a home - do not waste your time with Banks, they are all a bunch of thieves!

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