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22 Nov 2011

Dumile Conco

Saving big time by paying a little more on my bond, and working out a set plan of payment for a specified period of time was the once in a lifetime reward I got from SAHL. Having bought a property in an upmarket suburb in Hillcrest with 4 bedrooms a double garage on 3,700 square metres of land in 1999 with a 20 year bond with a bank, in 2001 I switched over very smoothly with no hustles at all to SAHL with a planned repayment payment period of 10 years which I completed in June this year 2011, a move I still pat myself on the back for to this day. Not only are SAHL the best bond organizers and providers in my experience, but they go even a step further by being accommodative during difficult times by offering you an advance facility should you have any need for it in no way disrupting the 10 year agreed plan. This is something I have shared with my friends on many occasions. Of course throughout the whole process, it is of fundamental importance to keep your budget in check so as not to overstretch yourself, which is what I managed to do. For me, it's as if things work out in tens, because the value of my property today is ten times more than it was ten years ago.

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