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Eastern Cape

25 Oct 2011

Duncan Mclean Taft

In 2009 we had the opportunity of buying the stationery side of the business that I worked for. We had a look at how much we would receive from a few endowment policies I had, as well as taking a loan on our house which was bond free. We approached ABSA who had our title deeds; in amazement they said that our property was only valued at R600 000.00, and we needed R375 000.00 and that they could not help us. I asked them when they last valuated the property as we had done a few renovations and the said that it had been done before they declined the loan. We then approached SA Home Loans and they immediately sent a valuator out to value the property. What a surprise when we received a phone call from SA Home Loans to tell us that our loan had been approved and that they valued the property at over a million rands. It was so nice to have taken everything away from ABSA. It is over two years that we have been in business and praise the good Lord we are doing very well. Thank you SA Home Loans.

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