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Eastern Cape

25 Oct 2011

Elizabeth Hayes

When I got divorced I had a bond with another bank. As I didnt want to uproot the children even more, I wanted to keep the house and pay out the ex for his share of the house. At that time my bond was minimal. The bank where I had the bond at the time would not hear my story as I appeared to be a threat to them if I borrowed more money as a single parent. They would not even let someone stand surety for me. I then approached SA Home Loans and found them extremely helpful and had no problem in obtaining a bond from them. So I would like to thank SA Home Loans for assisting me in keeping my house which I am still staying in. They even granted me an access bond so that I always have funds available for emergencies. I always try pay extra off my bond to bring it down quicker. Recently, I needed to buy a car and instead of buying it on HP, I asked for a re-advance on my bond as I had paid off quite a bit of the capital. The service I got was amazing. I phoned to enquire and within minutes received the forms via email. It took 24 hours from the time a faxed the forms back to SA Home Loans till the money appeared in my account. They contacted me numerous times during this 24 hour period to keep me updated with the progress of my re-advance. So not only did SA Home loans secure my house for me but they also enabled me to buy a car. Thanks SA Home Loans for the outstanding service. Keep it up.

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