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02 Feb 2012

Elsa Moller

SA Home Loans made a difference that will always be remembered in our lives and our story serves as motivation for many friends to make use of the friendly, efficient service of SA Home Loans. When getting married for the first time at 50 to the man in my life, a widower, and a wonderful man, it followed naturally that we would look at buying the house that I had been renting for over 2 years. Never had we been so humiliated when our local bank, where we have been clients for long, did not even bother to look at my husband's investments, but only at his salary, and was bluntly told that on that salary at his age, he would never be able to afford a home. SA Home Loans returned our dignity. The lady that dealt with our transaction was friendly and helpful, informing us the amount he would qualify for according to his salary and not much later it was approved. Now, eight years later, we have just paid the full outstanding amount on our home. My husband has lost his job in Johannesburg, which in turn caused us to move to Kwazulu Natal, where he is now still working at the age of 66. By renting out our home in Johannesburg, we have the opportunity to put something away for retirement. Thank you, SA Home Loans, for having made ALL the difference in our lives!

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