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14 Dec 2017

Had I knew of SA Home Loans before I think I would have had a property a long time ago.

Ernest Ntaba

I would like to thank SA Home Loans for approving our loan. Our story dates back 10 years ago when we started applying for a home loan through four major banks. In 2007 all banks declined our loan as we did not have any existing accounts at that time, on both mines and my wife's name. They advised us to apply after 3 months from then and there was a different story every time we applied, although we paid our accounts on time and never defaulted on any of our accounts. To tell you the truth quite frankly the years kept on rolling whilst we were still applying and our applications being declined despite our affordability meeting their requirements. This year one of my friends told me that he applied for a home loan through SA Home Loans and that it was instantly approved. I did not believe him at first as he did not struggle that much to get his home loan approved. It only struck my brains the moment him and his family were moving into their new property. I came to realize that time is ticking and the guys the same age as I am and others even younger than I am have their own houses whereas I am still struggling because of banks telling me to improve my score every time I apply. In the beginning of 2017 I took a leap of faith and applied for a home loan through SA Home Loans. It did not take too long and on the 10th February 2017 an agent from SA Home Loans called and told me that my application was approved.

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