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Eastern Cape

20 Mar 2015

Erns Johannes Fouche

My story goes like this: Im a disabled man. My uncle moved into a 3 bedroom flat and passed away in 2005... My next door neighbour asked me if I wanted to sell the flat. I said I couldnt take out a loan with my bank as their interest rates were 19%. He said that I should try SA Home Loans in Newton Park. In less than 3 days an SAHL consultant came to see me because I was mostly bedridden and they knew it. Wilna then said, Mr Fouche... with your good credibility we can offer you a loan of R450.000. I nearly fainted of happiness as I only needed R150 000. I still got R300 000 credit over. The professional way that Wilna and SA Home Loans helped me, meant that I didnt have to lift a finger. To top it all, the interest rate was 8%. From all the financial lenders, SA Home Loans is no 1 in South Africa. Many thanks SAHL.

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