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25 Oct 2011

Etienne & Zelda Raats

After given birth to our beautiful twin girls, we were desperately in need of a bigger "family home", for we were only living in a small townhouse. The search started for the perfect home where our children would be brought up and where all their memories will be built. But our dreams where shattered when every financial institution declined our application. After hearing an ad on the radio, we thought we would try SAHL. This was our last hope. Our future was in SAHL's hands. We applied, and 3-5 days later we got the good news: APPROVED!!! The consultant was very helpful and explained everything to us in plain English. Things are going sooo good that we are actually thinking of extending our loan amount for improvements on the house. Without SAHL our dream would have remained a dream, but today it's a REALITY!! Thanks so much SAHL, you have improved the lives of our family and provided a good future for our girls!

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