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03 Nov 2011

Francois Kleijnhans

I am writing to share the pleasant experience I have had with SA Home Loans. I am sure you have heard many of these stories, detailing how quick the service was, the ease with which the transaction took place, the competency of staff etc. I have decided to go a slightly different route. We moved into our new house about two months ago - courtesy of SA Home Loans. The past weekend we were in the eye off a massive thunderstorm. I was standing by the window with my daughter when a lightning bolt struck a few meters from us - I immediately knew we incurred damage, and I was right. The lightning struck our gate motor and electric fence; needless to say, both were fried. I contacted SAHL Insurance first thing Monday morning, preparing myself for a war of words, a frustrating wait and incompetent people dealing with my claim - I say this because that is what I have come to expect from service providers in this and other fields, nothing happens unless one is exceedingly persistent. I was absolutely blown away by the service I experienced from SAHL. Firstly, the operator who took my call was informed and courteous and it truly felt as if she really wanted to help. There were no quibbles about getting the problem fixed. I was even more surprised when a few hours after making the claim the assessor was at my house.

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