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15 Mar 2015

Fred Kamoi

Hi SA Home Loans, I am just a young guy who was interested in having my own place, in 2012 I had seen a new residential property development advertised on the internet. I was interested immediately and called them for viewing. I was happy about it and signed an offer to purchase; unfortunately my application got declined from the bank. I was so unhappy about the results from all the banks. When I asked why I was declined they said it was because of my affordability, and not having any accounts with their bank and others quoted higher interest rates. The developer advised me to consider reapplying after six months. I started doing my own research on the internet only to find SA Home Loans and immediately I called them and got high class services. I had applied with SA Home Loans and my application was successful with reasonable interest rates. I was so impressed when I got an email saying, congratulations on your application. I am now a happy family man. I have even advised one of my colleagues about SA Home Loans and he too applied, and he is now also a happy man sleeping in his home. I really encourage people to apply for home loan at SA Home Loans.

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