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Western Cape

23 Aug 2022

...forthright and honest and lead us through the application process...

Gail Abrahams

My husband and I are in our fifties. We both owned homes before but had to sell when we got divorced. We were renting for a good few years when we decided it was time to own our own home again. We got a pre approval quote and starting looking at homes. Eventually found our dream home, offer was accepted and we started the process of a formal application. NONE of the banks were interested in making us an offer! Decided to reach out to SA Home Loans. Consultant Deloshnee called me and was very forthright and honest and lead us through the application process in a professional yet gentle manner and just a few days later we received our home loan offer letter! We had prayed so hard and we were finally going to be Homeowners again. A place to call our own, a home to have our family, friends, kids and grandchildren over at. Thank you SA Home Loans for making our dream a reality. May God bless you always for working with the people of SA to make their dreams come true.

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