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Eastern Cape

25 Oct 2011

Gavin Coetzee

After 20 odd years of full time employment I was retrenched and went through a very rough patch. The initial shock of suddenly being unemployed never mind the financial implications associated and of course the fact that you have never missed a payment in 20 years, you now become a leper to the banking fraternity. Fortunately I found work and slowly climbed out of my financial nightmare and eventually was in a position to start looking for a new house that my family and I could call Home. I went to numerous banks looking for a home loan and was not at all impressed with their "we're doing you a favour" attitude and weeks and weeks of waiting to hear whether they will grant you a loan or not. Fortunately, after seeing their ad, I landed up at SA Home Loans.. WOW what an amazing difference!!!! I couldnt believe it!!! Incredibly friendly, helpful, efficient and before I knew it my bond was approved no fuss, no hassle!!! Thank you SA Home Loans for giving me the chance to find the Home that my family and I could feel safe and secure in. If and when I ever decide to upgrade, I will definitely be coming back to SA Home Loans to apply for a loan.

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