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Western Cape

02 Nov 2011

George Zeeman

The house we staying in was up for sale and so I got the first option to buy. I asked the various banks and they all declined, probably because of blacklisting but I had all the proof that the debt was fully paid for, an affidavit from the creditor acknowledging full payment as well. Two of the banks came back with positive responses except that they were giving me a high interest rate and a longer time period to pay. On top of that they were offering only 90% finance. I was pressured to sign the forms within 5 days by agents and I refused. The debt would have been too much and made my life a misery. The offer to purchase time was running out for me. So I went on the internet looking for other financiers and came across SA Home Loans and I'm glad I did. They understood my story, made the right decision by offering me a loan at 95% finance, lower interest rate and most of all a shorter repayment period. I'm talking about 10 years difference. Thanks SA Home Loans you made my dream a reality. You have the people's interests at heart.

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