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19 Dec 2017

I was super impressed

Graham Garrard

My story of my dream coming true after a number of problems I was facing. My partner and split up after 8 years of being in a relationship, I then had to move back into my parents’ house for me to sort out my financial situation as I had lost everything during the stages of splitting up. In January 2017 I found a house that was perfect for me and in the perfect price range. I made an offer and started with the process in February 2017, the people that owned the house before me were immigrating and needed to stay in the house until August which I agreed to. During the process, I submitted documentations to a bond originator who said they could assist me with the process. This did not work out in my favor and I had all the banks contacting me for details that I had already put on the application form. One of my friends referred me to SA Home Loans as they had known of a really nice lady that they were dealing with, and had assisted them. I then contacted her and was assisted with very little emails back and forth. On approval I was then sent to the Fourways branch to go and sign my documents which was extremely convenient as I work just down the road. The staff there were extremely friendly and kept me in the loop each and every step of the way. I have even been given a welcome pack with all the steps and the process that will be taking place. I was super impressed that I had been granted a bond through SA Home Loans.

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