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01 Nov 2011

Grove Eksteen

I was homeless after a bad divorce in 1999, and was only in a position to start looking again at buying in 2009. I went to an estate agent, and found the perfect house. After a month the agent told me that she cannot help me, because no bank wants to give me a bond. She had been to all the major banks, but they refused the bond. I refused to accept this, and badly wanted to buy this specific house. I started searching on "google", and came across SA HOME LOANS. I phoned, and was surprised by the friendly way I was met. Everything was explained to me, and I forwarded my application with all relevant information to SAHL. Within three days I was contacted, saying that my bond was approved. There were a lot of problems with the sellers, as they were divorcing and did not agree on everything. The process took almost two years to finalise, but all the time SAHL was patient, and stood by me through the process. I am now proud to say that I am a home owner thanks to SAHL.

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