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Western Cape

27 Oct 2011

Ibtishaam Williams

To be able to get to the point of being able to afford your own house is one of the greatest achievements to any one person. It creates a sense of belonging and self worth, moreover, pride. Yet alone, provides and opportunity to create a loving and nurturing HOME for our current and future generation. A house becomes a home when you strive to do your very best as parents to give your children that same sense of belonging and allowing them to make your house their very own special place called home. A place they to know to be safe, warm and grounded filled with love and support, no matter what. So being granted the opportunity to own a house, goes beyond the structure in itself, its the opportunity to create your very own home, in your own unique way, that would allow a mere structure to tell many stories now and beyond. Therefore it is with great admiration that I thank SA Home Loans for allowing me and many others the opportunity to have that sense of pride and belonging and to create a home which we will share with others, friends and families. We joined SA Home Loans about 5-6 years ago and prior to that had our bond registered with ABSA bank. The primary reason for the transfer from one institution to the other was the lower interest rate and the friendly, helpful customer service we received upon consultation. We first heard about SA Home Loans from a very satisfied customer.

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