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26 Oct 2011

Ilze Vorster

After a tragic high jacking incident my husband and I started looking for a house in a safer area. While house-hunting we came upon three houses in a security estate which was perfect for a family of 5 (yes, 3 small kids all below 8 years of age!). Investigating we found that the house was going on auction the next week and made sure to be there...and lowe and behold, we actually won the bid! Only to find out that we had to put down a 10% deposit there and then - and the first miracle happened - a total stranger borrowed the money to my hubby for 24 hours. We then started applying for home loans, but, as the company where Johan worked was liquidated 2 months earlier - we found that nobody was prepared to take a chance on the two of us. We were devastated to say the least - this was our dream house, safe and secure, central, the only house with a tree in the yard, a water fountain, a big boulder (I love rocks) and grass and the kids loved it - but it seemed as if we could lose it all. Then a friend told Johan about SA Home Loans - we contacted them, and they were extremely helpful in finding a solution for us to keep the house. I have been telling everyone buying house about SA Home Loans as I always get help from the person on the other side of the line. It has been almost 2 years since we bought our house, and we have never looked back! Thanks SA Home Loans! You made a dream come true!

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