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15 Dec 2011

Inge Nel

In 2003 we bought a townhouse A tiny place for a little mouse We took a loan from our bank But this loan really stank We saw that we can switch and save And immediately acted brave We made the switch to SA Home Loans, It stopped all our moans and groans We wanted our place sweet like honey And asked for some more money Within a flash We made a splash With our tiny place looking well We decided to make a quick sell We bought our very first home With plenty of place to room SA Home Loans gave us another great deal At interest fixed another massive steal But 3 years later we had to move To another suburb with a different groove So here we are in our new place With SA Home Loans still supporting our case What makes them fantastic Not just speed, but they also are elastic Friendly, helpful, professional and easy to reach They have lots to teach Thank you for the greatest loans That gives South Africa many happy homes!! We love you lots!!

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