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11 Dec 2015

Innocent Maluka

After getting married to my wife in 2014 February, we decided it was time to get our own home, and for the rest of the year we have been finding good houses for two but no bank in South Africa could finance us despite our good affordability state. It broke my heart to see my wife seeing a house that she liked but no bank to finance it. Although married, we lived separately; so frustrations grew and I was hopeless, my ego, and my sense of pride was tarnished. Well, that was until June 2015, when we saw a house we loved, but this time around, the application was done with SA Home Loans. To be precise, my application was on the 15th of June on the 19th of June I received an approval in principle and 1st of October we moved in! That's how serious SA Home Loans were about me. As a first time home buyer, I was clueless but that was no hassle because SA Home Loans notified me of every step of the way. They sent me mails with links to articles I could read to inform myself. If you told me I was their only client, Id believe you. Now we own a beautiful 2 bedroom house in a beautiful complex. SA Home Loans may think they gave me finance to a house, but what they might not know is that they gave me my marriage; they gave me my life, and restored my pride. Thank you SA Home Loans, you are the best in business.

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