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02 Oct 2012

Ivan van Heerden

Let me start off by thanking Diane Govender from SA Home Loans! I just wanted to thank you for everything! You were prompt, professional and it felt to us that you really had our interest at hart and that you went the extra mile for us. I contacted you late one afternoon just before five o'clock. You were very friendly and in no hurry to complete the phone call! In fact minutes after putting the phone down you sent me an email with all the required documents and what the next steps would be. Luckily I had all the required documents and information handy and sent that through to you immediately. This was now after 5 o'clock. Minutes later you replied back! After 5! We really have had a very PLEASANT experience with SA Home Loans! Throughout the whole process/time, every time I wondered what was going on you already left me a message or an email telling us what was going on and where the process was. Initially we qualified for quite a bit less than we needed and when I stressed this fact to you, you told us that you would do your best to get us what we needed. Boy did you DELIVER! You phoned me Tuesday morning telling us that you got us our loan and that we would only need to provide a R20 000 deposit. This was more than what we asked for and a good interest rate. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You really tried your best to help us. To us it feels like you cared! Not that you were trying to make a quota or make money of us. 

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