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12 Nov 2018

Yes I am 46, but it's never too late. My son and I are so happy in our Home.

Jackie Bevolo

Your thoughts create your experiences....

9 years ago whilst visiting a friend, I came across this beautiful garden that was attached to a stunning 3 bedroom townhouse.  I knew that one day that place would be mine.  I put it out there and I believed that one day I would be sitting in that tropical tranquil garden.  There was an elderly couple that had been living there for 17 years, so I knew the chances of them moving out would be slim, but miracles do happen!  3 years later I got a call from the same friend to say that the couple were moving to America.  Unfortunately, I was not at a place in my life to afford to buy a property.  My Mom bought it as an investment and I rented it out from her for the last 6 years.  Wow was I overjoyed, I got my garden and stunning little house.  But this year even a bigger miracle occurred.  I purchased the property from my Mom at an amazing price and with the help of SA Home Loans, and the exceptionally efficient staff everything ran smoothly.  I own my Home!  Yes I am 46, but it's never too late.  My son and I are so happy in our Home.  As they say Home is where the heart is.  Ask, believe and receive. Thank you, SA Home Loans

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