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23 Aug 2012

Jacques & Lelanie Potgieter

Dear SA Home Loans, thank you for the opportunity to tell our story. My husband and I got job offers within Rustenburg. Our first struggle was to rent a house. We battled for weeks searching for a house to rent. Finally we found one and we relocated to Rustenburg. We only rented for 6 months. We started looking for a house to buy. All the agents in Rustenburg looked at us as if we were too young to buy a house or as if we can't afford a house. The only agent that really wanted to help us was Peter from Rawson. He showed us a few houses and when we saw our dream home we immediately applied for a home loan all over. We only got an 80% home loan from all the other places. SA Home Loans were the only one who gave us a 95% home loan. I will recommend SA Home Loans to anyone who wants to buy their first house. The assistance and service that we received was very professional. THANKS SA HOME LOANS for making our DREAM come true.

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