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18 Feb 2015

Janet Buger

Ours is quite simple, we were offered first option to buy by our Lessor, the previous owner of the now owned property - Very EXCITED US. So we as first time buys were a little clueless as to what to do. The first thing we did was approach our own bank, Standard Bank. 4 MONTHS later after giving them all the information they required, they had still not updated us. We had to constantly follow up only for them to tell us consistently we were missing information. I then realised the information was not missing; it was updated information they required as it kept expiring. My goodness we were so frustrated. 3 people referred us after telling them our very long sad frustrating storey, to SA Home Loans. No word of a lie, we went in and had to do the process all over again but this time it took as little as 2 days for approval. The fantastic guy we dealt with at the Fourways office he called us and told us we were tentatively already approved. I nearly fell off my chair; shortly after we were approved, entire sale through and all legal proccess' done! The entire process was a walk in the park and a pleasure. So we never went back to Standard Bank or even told them of our approval. They eventually called to tell me their approval had been processed would we like to proceed. I was happy to announce to them, sorry, dont need it, we have bought our home already and all is done! Can you believe it? 

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