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North West

07 Oct 2013

Janine Mouton Ferris

Me and my husband was renting for 3 years, but we always wanted a house. We would spend our weekends driving around looking for a house to buy. I just started my own business and it was very slow. I will spend days crying I couldn't even get pregnant because I was to stressed. Were we were renting I was not happy and the lady started to get ugly with us. Weekend after weekend we would drive around. a Month after that my husband lost his job. I was the only person working and I finally got pregnant but at a very bad time. Business was slow. But the Holy Spirit old me to fast for 7days. I did it on my second fasting day my husband saw a house in our local news paper, called me to let me know and it was in a area I always wanted to stay. close to family and my parents. I just call the agent and say I want to see the house and he must come so that I can full the deed of sale. knowing my husband doesn't work, I am pregnant and started a business which still haven't took root. However I went to look at the house and completed the forms knowing we don't have the money. Before the agent came to collect the documents I prayed and said" Lord who ever will be working with this forms let me find favour. I seal this document in Jesus name and I thank you that this house is mine. On my 7th day of fasting I received a message your house loan has been approved. I cried that whole day. I was blessed beyond. That's my story of faith and favour and only Jesus could have blessed me that.

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