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31 Oct 2011

Jason Venter

I work in the architectural industry and my mentor can never stipulate enough that the best investment you can ever make is into a piece of property big or small. So taking in this great piece of advice, I set out to find myself a little flat. After months and months of looking at flats on show, driving endless hours with estate agents she finally showed me the best 2 bedroom flat at a great price! Then it was time to try getting a home loan. After endless confusing conversations with different banks there was still no positive outcome as not even my own personal bank, after being with them for over 15 odd years could give me the home loan I wanted. Thank goodness for my handy estate agent recommending me to SAHL! And what do you know? Not only did they give me a home loan that suited my needs, it was over and above that! So thanks again Zoe!

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