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20 Nov 2015

Jean de Necker

I have heard many stories from friends and people I have met, about all the drama and problems that arise when buying a property. My life and job is always in a rush, and when the opportunity came around for me to buy a place of my own, my nights went from peaceful sleep, to nightmares from all the stories that I have heard.... I could not have been more wrong. After finding a place that I liked, I was referred to Brenda Winter from SAHL. She wasted absolutely no time to contact me and to give me a brief rundown of everything that might be required in the process of applying for a home loan. I want to state that Brenda was an absolute star! She was always prepared to explain in detail exactly what I did not understand; she always answered every email and returned every phone call in no time at all. Brenda also made herself available after hours to answer my phone call when I had more questions and queries, and that to me is 20/10 service! And for that I will forever be extremely thankful. As for the process, all I can say is, it went so smooth, I sat back and wondered "Why were you so worried?" I will recommend SAHL to absolutely anyone who is in the market to buy! Many, many thanks to SAHL, and to Brenda Winter, for this amazing experience! I am one extremely happy customer!

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