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01 Nov 2011

Jeanette Rindel

I am so glad that I get the opportunity to thank Johan Hammes in La Lucia for protecting my interests. When Johan went through our Offer to Purchase while processing my home loan, he noticed a clause that was worded in such a way that the BUYER would have to suffer price increases if the development exceeded 6 months! Johan notified me straightaway, and I insisted on the removal of this clause, which was done and signed and legalised. Just as well, as we experienced abnormal delays in the development of our unit - the first date of occupation promised to us was 1 Dec 2009, but we finally moved in only in Jan 2011, into a home that was not even completed. Just imagine the 'penalties' we would have had to pay had Johan not noticed the clause. And as things panned out eventually, we are now suing the developer for the huge losses we had due to these delays which also caused us to cancel our trip to the 'kids' in USA & Canada due to financial losses, and the first thing she pointed out was this clause, insinuating that we actually owed her money instead of her owing us! Just imagine the relief that I felt when I could dig out my copy of this addendum that was in fact signed by her! Thank you Johan, and keep up the good work! Jeanette Rindel

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