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27 Oct 2011

Jennifer Peens

On 01 August 2009 my entire world as I knew it changed. My husband passed away from brain cancer. I was forced to find an immediate solution to financing my home as there was no life insurance(I did not know he had cancelled it). The Institution with which my bond was registered at the time refused to even listen to my story except to say they want their money by the end of the month. I asked them to bond the property in my name to which they laughed in my face. Accidentally I received a spam fax from SA Home Loans and answered them and faxed it back. I was contacted within 12 hours and my bond was granted within 3 days. I am now the owner of my home in which I have lived for the last 25 years. I am lucky to have my son and daughter still living at home for the moral support and friendship we share. I now have the opportunity to raise my granddaughter in my home. She was born on 30 September and is adorable. Without SA Home Loans I would have been destitute and on the streets. I would have lost my home which i had lovingly maintained and taken care of for the last 25 years. Thank you SA Home Loans. You have given me a reason to be happy and proud. P.S. My loan remains paid in advance and will be paid off in 11 years I am told. Now thats another reason to smile. I will never use another company again. I will be with SA Home Loans until I no longer require a bond.

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