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30 Oct 2011

Jill Levitas

Eight years ago I inherited a small amount of money and decided to buy a home for myself as I now had enough for a deposit. This would be my first purchase. I went to my bank and applied for a pre approved bond. They offered me far more than I thought I could pay back. Once I had signed an Offer to Purchase I went back to the bank to get the bond which was far less than the amount they were offering me in the pre approved bond. All of a sudden the funds were not available to me and seven weeks later I was still trying to organise the bond. On the Friday, on my way to work when I heard an advertisement on the radio for SA Home Loans and I memorised the number. By Monday I had a call for an Assessor to go and see the property and on Tuesday I was blown away to hear that my bond had been approved, the only problem was that the bond I had applied for was below the minimum amount SA Home Loans could give so I had to take an extra R20 000.00. Over the years I have had the most wonderful assistance from SA Home Loans and I am proud to be their client. By the way, I am nearly 70 years old.

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