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15 Oct 2013

Jody Boshoff

After months of searching for our dream home, we finally found it atop a small hill in Pretoria. We imagined ourselves living there and our baby girl of 6 months running around the garden. We had a dream for each room, including turning one of them into a home office and one into a playroom. Our hopes were almost dashed when the four largest banks in SA turned us down. My husband is a business owner and most banks dont want to do business with small business owners, however successful. SA Home Loans was different, however. From the moment we contacted them, they were professional, positive and encouraging. Our consultant Albert assured us that being a business owner was no problem, and neither was the fact that we owned other rental properties. We received our approval in principle within two days and after some hard work on our part in terms of gathering the required financials, we celebrated our official offer of a loan from SA Home Loans. The offer was sent after business hours from our consultant who took it upon himself to personally call us to tell us about the approval and SMS us when he had successfully sent it. SA Home Loans has helped turn our dream into reality. 8 months later, our baby girl is running around the garden and we have turned our dream house into a home! They have called us several times to ask us if we are happy with their service, and our response has been YES, YES, YES!

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