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Eastern Cape

25 Oct 2011

Johannes Muller

The year is 2007 and my wife has started a bead shop from home as a hobby. She eventually occupied three bedrooms in the house with her stocks and I was desperately looking for a suitable home that could accommodate a small shop. We found the ideal house just around the corner from us. Of course the house was more expensive than what we bargained for and we needed a loan until we have sold our existing house to buy this new house. I approached my bank with whom I had three paid up bonds, to assist me with a loan to purchase our ideal home. They refused!!! The story was I was too old (60) and I was a risk because of high blood pressure. What now?? We were desperate. Only alternative was to borrow money from my mother-in-law. Then a friend told me how SA Home Loans helped his son - a first time home owner- to buy his new home without a fuss. I phoned SA Home Loans in Durban and spoke to a lady called Kantha. I explained my predicament to her, also telling her about the mother-in-law thing. Her exact words were " Mr. Muller, I would also not like you to borrow money from your mother-in-law! We will make a plan for you" We laughed and joked some more and she sent me the forms. Four days later the money was in my bank!!! Wow I couldnt believe it! I was so overwhelmed and stunned by the utmost personal customer service that I have never experienced before that I told even the bank what service should be.

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