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Western Cape

26 Oct 2011

Joleen Moore

I got divorced and had to live with friends with a child still in school. I managed to save some money and eventually rented a place of my own. For 2years I rented but promised myself every day that one day I will own my own house. I met someone new. He was also going through a divorce and lost all his property. I found out that his house was going to be auctioned off and put in an offer directly to the bank...To my surprise they accepted my offer and now the worry started as I did not know if I qualify. I took out a personal loan for the deposit and approached SA Home Loans. I was blacklisted due to my ex-husband but with the assistance of SA Home Loans they went the extra mile phoning and sorting this out for loan was approved and am so grateful to them for being there for me and helping every step of the way.

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