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03 Oct 2018

...I was greeted and treated like a celebrity

Juanita Julius

I went through a terrible divorce last year. I had property many years ago but sold it. After my divorce, I was adamant that I will never rent again. I applied with FNB, the bank I was with since school days and they declined; and so did all the other banks! I was devastated.

A colleague of mine suggested I try SA Home Loans. I went there and WOW! From the entrance I was greeted and treated like a celebrity. I applied and my consultant, Hilda Keane, helped me through the process. We sat for days in front of her computer and I ran around like a headless chicken to get all the paperwork that she required.  Finally SA Home Loans gave me a 90% bond. I cried with excitement. It was the best decision I have ever made. I'm so happy with my purchase and would recommend anybody to try SA Home Loans. They are the best and their staff are amazing. I also recommended a colleague of mine and just last month she moved into her house. Thanks SA Home Loans, you guys are amazing.

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