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29 Oct 2011

Karon Marsland

When the interest rates soared so high a couple of years ago, I approached my bank at the time to ask for assistance, as my repayment was getting far too high and we could not accommodate the extra increase and it was becoming very stressful every month to wonder if we would have enough salary to cover the bond. After long deliberation and a 10yr loyalty with the bank, they decided they could not assist us in any way..... You can imagine how we felt; this was my daughters security and our home. I then heard an advert on the radio about SA Home Loans and gave them a call. An agent contacted me and arranged to meet me and filled me in on all the requirements, what a professional she was and so friendly and kind to our needs. I went home, spoke to my husband and with great thought and discussion decided to do it..... A Bond Switch. Since we have changed over my previous bank have called me a number of times to see if they can assist us.... A LITTLE TO LATE! We have been so happy with the service we have received from SA Home Loans, the friendly service on the phone and the professional touch. They have met my every need and more..... Thank you SA Home Loans, we will never change mortgage lenders again!

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