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25 Oct 2011

Kasthuri Naidoo

In 2001, I won the right to keep my home after a long divorce battle. It's a 1930's house with so much character and my son and my safe place. I had to transfer our home onto my name and after looking at various banks and not having the time to see people to apply for a home loan with my busy work schedule and raising a child by myself; I called SAHL after seeing your advertising. I got a response almost immediately. An agent called me and arranged to meet me at my convenience, at my home and at a time good for me. The process was simple, easy and she was very informative where I was so really nervous to do this for the first time on my own. The approval process was fast and I've never looked back since. For my son and I and now my daughter SAHL has given us so many moments, memories and magic in our home. Thank you!

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