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26 Oct 2011

Kate Wood

In 2009 house prices hit an all time low and it seemed like the best time for my husband and I to finally take the plunge into the property market. Both of us had been with our personal banking institutions for more than 20 years...but when it came time for a home loan...they both said "No" to our application...due to the fact that my husband was self employed! Eventually we got in touch with Anna Antassanova from La Lucia branch. Anna worked tirelessly for us and on our behalf to arrange a home loan for us. She never gave up on our dream home, even when we were ready to throw in the towel and give up a home of our own as a pipe dream! Eventually, despite being "self employed" we managed to secure a loan with Anna's help! THANKS ANNA! You'll never know it, but every time I walk through my front door I thank you silently for never giving up on us and our dreams! (PS - Self employed people are a good business risk - we pay almost 50% more on our bond than we are supposed to! But that's a "recognized financial institutions" loss and SA Home Loans gain!)

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