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31 Oct 2011

Kerry Nel

With the beginning of a new life, after a divorce, with the most beautiful man in the world (to me :) I wanted to acquire items for the house and settle outstanding debts. Always wanted to do with previous husband, however could never achieve for various reasons (need an omnibus to write those down!) So I thought to take out a bond on my house because of the lower interest rate required to pay back loan/s and consolidate my debt into one pot, what a lot of pot it would be! I approached my bank, thinking not a problem, have an excellent credit rating (due to all the other debts I had and paying timorously) Well I was in for the biggest surprise of my life! I was declined quickly! I couldn't believe it. So I tried again (with the assistance of a "big wig" from that banking institute) NOT! Declined again. I was desperate! Tried again, by this time I was told about SA Home Loans from a work colleague (actually my boss) and that he would assist me! I applied and voila - before I could blink I had a phone call, email and assurance that I would be granted the bond and informed on how to go about it! The service had a smile with it and the efficiency was incredible. When I experienced difficulty the consultant who helped me showed patience that I never thought possible and answered all my ridiculous questions and stupidity! Then wait for it, as all the processes were winding down for me to receive the loan.

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