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06 Sep 2012

Kishalin Naidoo

I did see a lot of places that weren't right for me and my family, but I don't think I ever got disheartened. I was really happy when I bought my home; it was a real achievement." I have managed to save a reasonable deposit while working over the years. I started my search in earnest at the beginning of December 2011, and closed the deal on my first home near the end of July 2012. I was completely new to the home buying process. Although I found it a very exciting at times, but have also found that I had a lot to learn. I started by creating a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, which I used to evaluate and compare potential homes. Along with some specific areas I had in mind. One of the main methods I used to find potential homes was via the Internet, through real estate websites. I started looking late last year, to get an initial feel for the market, and continued to use the Internet throughout my search. Id really recommend it. Because I could see pictures of each home I found it a very useful way to filter out places that didnt meet my needs, and build up a short list of homes I would liked to check out further. I physically looked through +/-20 houses before finding the one I bought. I saw it online, and rang the agent it was listed with to arrange a time to go and view it. My family and I really loved it - it just compared so well to all the other places Id been to. We put an offer in the same night, and it was accepted.

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